Alex Nyhus

“And on all instruments known to man…”


DESCRIBE ALEX IN ONE WORD: Well, the word “AMAZING” is what I hear most often from fans and friends commenting on “The Liddle Fiddle Man” who has been my right hand on stage since August 2001. I know the first time I witnessed Alex in action that very same word came to MY mind!


I feel truly blessed to have a musician as profoundly gifted as Alex Nyhus in my corner. Alex is one of those special performers with the enviable ability to step up to the plate when it really counts and hit it right out of the park. I feel like a proud papa whenever Alex has the spotlight and I look out into that collage of big smiles and dropped jaws in the audience. He’s the kind of utility player that few bands are ever fortunate enough to acquire. The kind of versatility Alex brings to the table serves as an enormous asset to any band or individual sharing the stage with him. In a typical four-set show you’ll likely see Alex Nyhus showcasing his remarkable talents on the Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Accordion, Blues Harp, and Piano. It’s hard to find an instrument that he DOESN’T play, and he plays them masterfully! If there are strings on it, Alex can play it. In fact, I once handed him an old tennis shoe, and I’ll be danged if the little freak didn’t start playing Foggy Mountain Breakdown” on it!


Through the years, Alex has also retained a seemingly endless archive of whimsical stories and one-liners, which he is able to recall and share with audiences the moment there’s a “lull” between songs on stage. In addition, as if all of that wasn’t enough from one musician, when called upon, Alex can also cover lead and backing vocal duties!


Born the seventh of eight children from four different fathers, Alex has lived his entire life not being sure of his birthplace. Though his upbringing might seem less than ideal, we’ve all becomes beneficiaries of his hardships, because Alex found comfort in music: listening to music, learning to play music, (on a plethora of instruments) and most of all, performing music.


Over the years, Alex has performed with countless nationally acclaimed recording artists, including Marty Stuart, Tracy Byrd, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Lester Flatt, Kitty Wells, Little Jimmy Dickens, Johnny Lee, Connie Smith, Billy Walker, Joe Maphis, Jeanne Pruett, Garrison Keillor, and many others forgotten, but every bit as famous!


Before joining me in “Gino Ruberto and Durango” Alex’s formidable talents “put the cherry on top” of many outstanding bands across the Midwest, including High Noon, Dixie North, Colt-45, Father’s Tobacco, K-County Country Band, Shelby Kingman, County Line, and Kolt.


These days, Alex resides in Buffalo Lake, Minnesota, where his hobbies are old movies and Irish history. When he’s not onstage blowing people away with his amazing showmanship, Alex utilizes the power of his brain at Twin Cities based Medtronic Incorporated, where he works as the “Senior Tool Designer” for their MECC Division. (I told you he was versatile!)


Alex’s Lifetime Goal:

“Stay in good standing with The Creator.”


Alex’s Short-Term Goal:

“Stay in good standing with Gino Ruberto.”


*I can’t speak for The Creator, but I can tell you that Alex consistently achieves and exceeds his short-term goal…