Music & Lyrics by Gino Ruberto ©1990



Summer nights I can hear

That train whistle blowing

In the distant sky

It reminds me of times gone by

She rolls in on a Northbound

Line in an hour

Oh, but I've gotta keep my pride

Gotta keep her locked outside

Of my heart this time.


Chorus: Cuz that's a closed station now

        It's a closed station now

        That's a closed station now

        And I will not wait at this

       Closed station now.


When she phoned she cried,

“I'm so alone, will you help me?”

No! No! No!

Cuz I've gotta take my stance

Never give a second chance

On a bad romance.


The arrow's flying straight back at you

Cuz you've been unkind

And you've been untrue

My love was blind when I loved you

Now the arrow's flying straight back at you.



Lately our love's left me so lonely

I can feel it when I'm losing you

And I'm losing you

Lately your kisses feel so cold to me

And it seems so hard for you to say

“I love you”


Chorus: Seldom in a lifetime

     Will you find love like I feel for you

          Lately I've been feeling

          Like that's really no big deal to you

          Like you'd throw it all away

          Throw it all away.


I still remember how we used to be

When I'd wake up in the morning with you next to me

These days it's so hard getting through to you

And I know I aint no Romeo, but I'm true to you.


It takes a lot to hold on

Stay with me, stay with me

Don’t give up, let's hold on

Stay with me, stay with me, stay with me.



I feel so alive when you are near me, one and only

When you come and wrap yourself around me

Love surrounds me.


Chorus: You're my one and only love

            I'll always believe in you and me

            You're my one and only love

            Don't give up on me.


Through the years of change

We'll change together, bound forever

In my Iife I'll never leave you lonely, one and only

And when the walls of doubt surround you

Believe in me, confide in me, and I'll be there for you.



Whatever happened to those nights

When we couldn't say goodbye

I used to lie awake all night

Just to feel you by my side

We took a chance

Gambled on a distance romance

But something's been going on

What's going on?


Chorus: I saw the footprints on your doorstep

           Someone's been walking through your door

           I saw the footprints

              Underneath your bedroom window

           Footprints that are telling me goodbye.


Loving a music man is hard,

But you knew that at the start

I had temptations, just like you

But believe me, I've been true

I'd hoped I'd find

Everything was all in my mind

But they said it's really true

God, what's happening to me, to you?




If there's something I should know

Please tell it to me now

Our “farewell” should be spoken

It happens every day

When lovers are away

A true heart has been broken.


I'm standing on the outskirts

Of my hometown

With a suitcase in my hand

A memory's been branded in me

Misery demanded of me

I commanded her to love me

How was I to know

That my emotions were her tools

And I was king of the castle of fools

I'm steaming up the ice inside my glass

Just waiting for the days to pass

I'm drinking more than thinking lately

Wondering how she grew to hate me

Fate descended harsh to rape me

Listening to her preach how infidelity was cool

God, I was king of the castle

Yeah, I was king of the castle of fools

And even though I've justified

That she did not deserve my love

It's hard accepting that she didn’t want it

Could something once so beautiful

Have turned to be so ugly

I think of all those beauty queens

Who age and fade away,

I'm trying to remember who I was

Before she came into my life

When I was young and so naive

When I could dream and still believe

When I never had to grieve

I'm giving up my throne

To anyone who wants to rule

Won't you be the king of the castle

Come on, be the king of the castle

Someone, be the king of the castle of fools.

How was I to know that my true love

Could be her tools?

Well, I was king of the castle of fools.



I'm losing you, I've already lost

So much time, felt so much pain at such a cost

Should I have to beg for you to feel my touch

You roll your eyes, your venom flies

Am I asking that much?

Chorus: I’m losing you, I'm losing you

            I'm losing you tonight.   


If I was starving and left to die

Would you come to save me, or even try

When we make love you close your eyes

To fantasize of other guys. 




It's always the same, the secret nights

You trace your steps, you lie just right

You live your Life deceiving me

And I live mine believing you.


Maybe by some sundown

I will finally face the truth

Maybe by some sundown

I will finally feel whole

Though I know it's only temporary

I'm not ashamed to say it scares me

Maybe by some sundown

I won't feel alone

Maybe by some sundown

I will hold my head up high

Maybe by some sundown

I will finally break the ties

And when my reservoir of love runs dry

I’ll never care enough to cry

Maybe by some sundown

I won't feel alone

Will my broken heart mend stronger

Will it hold out that much longer

I have loved you so completely

Will I love again?

Maybe by some sundown

My new life will begin

Then I'll know security

Has to come from within

When you held my hand

You chained my soul

And God, in time it takes its toll

Maybe by some sundown

I won't feel alone

How can loving turn to hating

Every day our memory's fading

You are gone, there's no use waiting

So I'm moving on

Maybe by some sundown

We will finally live as friends

Maybe then we'll realize

That beginnings come from ends

But it's gonna take some time for me

To shake the word "eternity"

But maybe by some sundown…


Lovers posed in silhouette

Embraces neither will forget

In silence from the street

I watch...alone

Stark and lean in rebel jeans

I struggle to erase the scenes

To sanctify the only love I've known

Dew upon the midnight grass

Is sparkling from the moonbeams cast

And something tells me,

“Just keep moving on, moving on…”


Chorus: Let her go, man, let her go, man

            Let her go, man, let her go…


How I've strained to just maintain

Her words are venom in my veins

And sorrow seals a love that still remains

She took pleasure in her schemes

To desecrate my purest dreams

Polluting my most sacred memories

Crawling back to my hometown

With thorny crown, on bloody knees

I thank God that my true friends never leave me.



Betcha she works in a restaurant

For twenty-five bucks a day

She probably lives with some

Truck driving hustler from L.A.

She probably reads all the magazines

And follows the Broadway stars

She probably spends all her days on the job

And her nights in the bars.


Chorus:  A tux from the Salvation Army

            A dress that your sister outgrew

            We'd make the scene in my brother's machine

            I was so proud to be with you

            The prom night air was so serene

            But time can take its toll

            That vain mistake out on Crazy Lake

            Still echoes through my soul.


Maybe she raised her a family

Or maybe she's on her own

Maybe sometimes she still thinks about me

When she's all alone

Maybe she's still just a drifter

Or maybe she just gone

But Crazy Lake lives on and on…




Someday I'm gonna come home again

And I pray to God I'll see

You still out on your mama's porch

Waiting up for me.


Living Without

I watched you walk to your car alone

From the place that we'd called our own

You said, “I hope it works out in the end

And as you pulled out and drove away

I felt our blue skies all turn to gray

We made it too painful to pretend, again…


Chorus: Living without, (start over)

            Living alone (back on my own)

            Living without (so hard now)

            Sadly we've learned what it's really about

            Solo, we sleep in slow slums of doubt

             Living without.


Sometimes I talk to the friends we know

Down at the places we both would go

They ask me, “Man, are you doing alright late at night…”




So I'll pack up the souvenirs

While I work on a few more beers

Somehow I thought we would beat this in the end.

Hope ran out in the end.



Sometimes it feels like this whole world

Comes down to just our lonely hearts

When I swear it feels

Like we're a million miles apart

Sometimes the telephone

Makes me feel so alone

And the rain just never ends

But the strong survive

And there's a vow that I’ll defend…


Chorus: We’ll be together again

            We'll be together again

            When it feels this strong

            It won't be long

            We'll be together, together again.


Sometimes we wear a shield

To hide the way we feel

It gets us through the night

But it never fully hides

The feeling deep inside

By now I know it's clear

If you were only near

I'd never let you go

Though it's hard to show

There's something you should know…              




Sometimes I feel like I could never

Move on without you, without you

Sometimes it's hard to say

But I'm saying it now

I love you...I love you!