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Music From Gino's Debut CD
On Jeriston Records

Check out some full CD cuts and LIVE performances!

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"Check Please"
This is probably my favorite song on the CD.
It's also the only song in the history of K102 to ever get 100% "THUMBS UP"
on ALL phone research and ALL on-air "RATE-THE-MUSIC" surveys.
I'm really hoping that someday they'll give this one the kind of airplay it deserves.
"To Make You Want Me"
(The Cookin' Outtake Version)

I actually like this version better than the one that made the final cut on my CD.
It has more of a LIVE sounding ambience to it, and also has the faster tempo
that I kept lobbying for when we were recording it, ( no avail, of course!)

When it comes to making command decisions about my music, I REALLY
hate being in a position where someone else has "veto power" over me. Argh!

I would LOVE to add this one to the "Gino Ruberto and Durango" songlist.
It's a foot-stompin' barn-burner!

"Fifteen Country Songs"
My most recent single.
This one made its Twin Cities radio debut in July of 2001 on K102
when it was featured on "Travis Moon's Test Tune."
K102's listeners graded it a 3.71 out of 4!

Later that same month, it made its NATIONWIDE radio debut on Blair Garner's
nationally syndicated country radio show: "AFTER MIDNITE"
It was featured on his "Pick It or Flick It" new song challenge.
...And 70% PICKED "Fifteen Country Songs" to be a HIT!

Thanks a TON for all that positive feedback!

"So, how come it never BECAME a hit then, huh Gino?"
Well, that's a good question. Alot of people have asked me that.
(Click HERE for the answer)

"Nights On Broadway"
Because everybody knows:
"If you're going to make a truly GREAT country CD
it MUST contain at least one 'Bee-Gees' cover!"

Now this one did NOT score high with K102's listeners
when it was featured on "Travis Moon's Test Tune" last December.
(Yeah baby! Nothin' more fun than being raked over the coals by your core audience! OUCH!)

Then again, I'm pretty sure if METALLICA did a cover version of
"Chatahoochie" it probably wouldn't fly with 93X listeners either...

The BeeGees version of "Nights On Broadway" has always been a favorite of mine. It pre-dates the DISCO music for which they are most often derided, and growing up with an "A-LIST" choral instructor for a father, I've always had an appreciation for bands with strong harmonies. Coming from a family of singers, the unique sound of the Gibb brother's familial harmonies really got my attention as a young lad. My CD's producer, Rich Cheney, heard a karaoke recording of me doing that song, and he got the crazy idea that he could make it into a great COUNTRY song...

A valiant effort, Rich, but alas, "The people have spoken!"
(I STILL think its a good song though!)
...grumble, grumble, grumble, grumble...

"Have You No Shame"
This was the first single released to radio from my CD.
It debuted on K102 in June of 2000, and topped Adam West's
"Five Most Wanted" song request countdown a number of times.
"Back in the Picture"
This ballad is another "outtake" that didn't make the final cut on my CD.
(It was dropped to make room in the budget for that dang BeeGees song!)
This one's a real country "weeper" for the broken-hearted...
"Heavy Metal"
This was the second single released to radio from my CD.
We wanted something fun and a little less intense than
"Have You No Shame" for my follow-up single.

This song lived up to "The Four C's" rule:
It's's's CATCHY...and it's definitely COUNTRY!

Country music fans in the Twin Cities agreed!
It made K102's "Top 102 Songs of 2001" countdown!


"Have You No Shame"

This is a completely stripped-down LIVE acoustic guitar and vocal version.
It really brings the sorrow and desperation of this song's lyrics to the surface.
DURANGO's Roger "Cabbage" Patch is on the acoustic guitar.
Recorded LIVE at "Mully's on Madison" in Mankato: 12-01-01

VIDEO: "Sit Down and Be Quiet"

(Live on KARE-11, May 2001)
[3.5 MB Real Player video]

VIDEO: "Sit Down and Be Quiet"

This song is the single that followed "Heavy Metal" on country radio.
(Gino Ruberto & Durango LIVE at ROBERT'S OFF 10, 2-23-02)
[4.5 MB Real Player video]
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