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Gino's Song Parodies Page

Listen to full versions of the best song parodies
from my "K102 Morning Show" days!

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Links To Gino's Parodies...
"Any Gal of Mine"
My only REAL claim to fame!
This parody of Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine"
spent 3 months on Billboard's Hot-100 charts in 1995!

CLICK HERE To listen to Shania Twain's initial reaction to "Any Gal of Mine"
This is Shania Twain, in studio with Blair Garner on his "After Midnite" radio show,
right after she heard "Any Gal of Mine" for the very 1st time!

Spending a little quality time with Shania
at the 1995 CMA Party in Nashville
Notice her hand on my chest there? Totally hitting on me...
( betcha, Gino!)

Click on the picture to watch the NEW
LEGO ANIMATION VIDEO for "Any Gal of Mine"
It was sent to me out of the blue by film maker
(What a hoot! Thanks again, Stephen! You nailed it!)

"Minnesota Redneck"
This is probably my favorite parody from my "K102 Morning Show" days!
We asked listeners, "How can you tell that someone is a Minnesota Redneck?"
I added all the best listener responses to the stuff John, Pam and I came up with.
Then I just took it home and tried to figure out a clever way to make it all rhyme.
Once Hines found me that accordion player, I was able to put the whole thing to music!
(*Lyrics to "Minnesota Redneck")

"Our Team"
With the threat of contraction eliminating the franchise, the "expendable" 2002 Minnesota Twins won the American League Central Division, proving that they're among the best in baseball, and they did it with one of baseball's lowest player salary budgets! "OUR TEAM" is a fun, nostalgic Twins Play-Off Rally Song, to the tune of Montgomery-Gentry's
"My Town".

*Muss wrote the lyrics, I sang and produced it.
(*Lyrics to "Our Team")

"Brooks and Dunn's Worst Remakes"
We all know that Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn are both wonderful songwriters. For a while there, though, it seemed like all they were releasing were country versions of pop classics from the 70's and 80's. When their cover of John Waite's "Missing You" came out, Muss, Diz and I wondered out loud, "Ugh! What will they try covering NEXT?!" ...And that's how THIS wacky bit came to be!

"She Thinks My Mullet's Sexy"
Just added to my "K102 Song Parody Archive" March 26, 2002.
Muss wrote this one. I produced it and sang the vocal parts.

(*Lyrics to "She Thinks My Mullet's Sexy")

"We're From Edina"
My parody of Tracy Byrd's "We're From the Country" A little good-natured ribbing of the Twin City suburb that has always been associated with wealth. We did get a FEW calls from irate, overly-sensitive Edina residents.
(Most of them threatening to send their butlers over to rough me up)

"Doe...A Beer"
My little "Ode to Beer"
From "The Best of the K102 Morning Show: Volume III"

"Big Butt"
Another parody of a Tracy Byrd song. This time the victim is his song "Big Love"
*A little sidenote: When I wrote this parody, I was writing about MYSELF,
so if you think I was just being insensitive to the calorically challenged...

"Any Elf of Mine"
The "Christmas Version" of "Any Gal of Mine" was actually the brain-child of my former boss, Gregg Swedberg,
who REALLY wanted to milk the success of "Any Gal of Mine" for all it was worth! The snide comments from the elves in the background are my favorite part of this one!

"I Swear"
This parody takes the title of John Michael Montgomery's "I Swear" a bit more literally. This was one of my very first parodies at K102. Despite the flood of requests, we ended up having to pull it, since too many people were offended by it, even with the swearing beeped out. I tried to convince them that I never actually swore on the recording. I even brought in the version WITHOUT the "beeps" to prove that under the beeps the song didn't contain ANY real profanity, but it still got yanked off the air. Aw, SON-OF-A-#@*#!!

"Please Take Her She Nags Non-Stop"
The ole switcheroo on Tracy Byrd's single,
"Don't Take Her, She's All I've Got!"
I asked Pam Lewis if she could do the "nagging wife" dialogue that goes on throughout the song, and I'll be darned if she didn't nail it on the VERY FIRST TAKE! Truly amazing. I thought that MIGHT be because it wasn't much of a stretch for her, but she insists that it was her
"Meryl Streep Caliber" acting chops that immersed her so convincingly into that role...

A new twist on "Sold" by John Michael Montgomery's. This parody had the misfortune of being the first one I brought in after the unbelievable response to "Any Gal of Mine" landed it on Billboard Magazine's Hot-100 charts. With "Any Gal of Mine" being requested over 150 times a day at K102, "Mold" came and went with little or no fanfare. "Any Gal of Mine" was a pretty tough one to top. Dangit all to heck! My career PEAKED after only being in radio for three months! SHEESH!

(...And it's all been a nasty downhill slide ever since!)

I really didn't WANT to write this one, but when writing song parodies is your JOB, and a song called "My Maria" is on the charts, you pretty much HAVE to! The rhyme is just TOO perfect to pass up! With the titles "Pyorrhea" and "Gonorrhea" in the running, I decided that this was the least disgusting of the three. (This is another one of those career moments that made the folks just well up with pride...)

"Girls Do It All the Time"
The answer to Mindy McCready's "Guys Do It All the Time"
Her song had so many obvious thematic parallels to Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine"
that I felt compelled to incorporate elements from "Any Gal of Mine" into this parody.

"Honey Go Home"
A parody of Shania Twain's "Honey, I'm Home"
Gotta love those tubas!

"Little Walleyes"
A parody of SheDaisy's "Little Goodbyes" written for the week of the fishing opener. Disney Dayton came up with the majority of this one. I just contributed the production and singing.

"Dwight Yoakam's 'Queen For a Day' Tour"
This came about shorlty after the release of Dwight Yoakam's cover version of the rock group QUEEN's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Queen is famous
for off-the-wall, massively produced operatic rock music. With this in mind, we got to wondering what it might sound like if Dwight Yoakam was to put together an entire SHOW of Queen cover tunes...

"Road Construction Crawl"
This parody of Tracy Byrd's "Watermelon Crawl" is an ode to Minnesota's OTHER season...
(One season being WINTER, and the other one being ROAD CONSTRUCTION!)
This one struck a familiar chord with a TON of K102 listeners.
It features a stellar cameo from Metro Traffic Guru, John Lundell.
(Rest in peace, my friend.)

"This Song is Dumb"
This was one of the most requested parodies during my tenure at K102. It's a tongue-in-cheek ribbing of Toby Keith's FIRST country-rap ditty "Getcha Some" (No offense meant to all you die-hard Toby Keith fans!) "Getcha Some" went to #1 on the charts and made Toby Keith millions of dollars. Nothin' dumb about that, ay!

A parody of The Oak Ridge Boys "ELVIRA" that I wrote when word of the amazing
"Magic Blue Pill" first popped up and had everyone standing at attention.
[*Special thanks to Jerry Graham for coming up with the idea for me!]

"The Pants"
A parody of Garth Brooks' classic, "The Dance" During an interview, Garth was commenting on his expanding girth, and said that, to look thinner for photo shoots, he would squeeze himself into pants that were THREE SIZES TOO SMALL! Now, knowing that "The Dance" is SUCH a special song to so many people, myself included, I really TRIED to think up a different Garth Brooks parody idea to coincide with this news story, but come on! "The Pants" rhymes so PERFECTLY with "The Dance!" And much to my surprise, we didn't get a single complaint on it!

"Da Bears!"
I had to write this parody for losing a bet to Pam Lewis during '96 State Fair time! Pam's from Chicago...a die-hard Bears fan. The Viking-Bears game was that weekend, and the bet was:

"If the VIKES won, on Monday Pam would have to get dressed up in the full-blown Vikings fanatic regalia (furry helmet, horns, big yellow braids, furry top and leggings, etc.) and wear it for the entire day at K102's State Fair booth. If the BEARS won, I would have to come to work on Monday with a new song parody that abundantly sings the praises of her beloved Chicago Bears. (Stinkin' loser Vikes!)

"Mister Steven Rudy"
The husband's perspective for Mark McGuinn's "Mrs. Steven Rudy"

VIDEO: "Minnesota Redneck"

Live at TARGET CENTER, backed by "The Killer Hayseeds" when I
opened for Toby Keith & Joe Diffie at K102's "SPRING BASH" May 5, 1996
[ 7.3 MB Real Player video file ]
*Lyrics to "Minnesota Redneck"

VIDEO: "Any Gal of Mine"

More live footage with "The Killer Hayseeds" at TARGET CENTER that same night!

...And at that magical moment when I actually got
7,000 true-blue country music fans to all scream
at the top of their lungs, well, all I can say is,
the folks must have been awful darn proud of their boy!
[7.8 MB Real Player video]

"Nick Hines 18th Birthday Song"
Lyrics by John Hines, Music by Gino Ruberto

This is not a song parody, nor is it in any way FUNNAY,
but since I know it's something K102 listeners would relate to and appreciate,
it just made the most sense to include it on THIS particular page...

This is a song that John Hines gave to his youngest son, Nick, on his 18th birthday.
I just put music to a beautiful and touching lyric from a divorced father to his son.
It really hits home.


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